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Vanguard Mentors are the heart and soul of The Impact Launchpad. These exceptional individuals are hand-selected not only for their expertise but also for their unwavering belief in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change.

They are pioneers, thought-leaders, and experienced creators who generously share their insights and hard-earned lessons to guide our aspiring Vanguards.

The Non-Conformist Guide


The founding head of TIL & your visionary guide. She empowers parent-preneurs to build a sustainable business & aligned lifestyle on their own terms.
Future Vanguard Mentor


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Becoming a Vanguard Mentor isn't just about teaching skills; it's about unlocking potential.
If you're passionate about igniting the spark of entrepreneurship and shaping the next generation of Vanguards, learn more about becoming a Vanguard Mentor by clicking the link below.